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Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers For Your Home

We Put You In Your Comfort Zone® by keeping your indoor air at the best level of moisture. Living in the Great Northwest, there are times that air is really dry, really damp, or extremely damp. Our experienced technicians at Aire Serv® Oregon City are able to find the correct equipment for you to balance your home’s humidity.

Aire Serv Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers Services


Are you suffering from dry nose, dry throat, or getting shocked by static electricity? These issues arise during cold, dry spells in winter. When the weather is cold, heating systems are working hard to blow warm, dry air into homes.

Prevent having too little moisture in the air by adding a humidifier to your heating unit. Another viable option is to get a portable humidifier to add moisture to the air in individual spaces.


High-humidity areas have an issue where the moisture content of the air stays higher than recommended, even during the cool seasons which could cause condensation on walls and damage your home.

When humidity levels are above fifty percent, dust mites will come and breed and mold and mildew will spread, which can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms. Remove the excess moisture in the air with a dehumidifier to assist with keeping humidity at the optimum level.

Contact your local Aire Serv® to learn more about the options you have to solve your home’s humidity issue.

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