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Ductless Split AC Systems

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Ductless Split AC Systems vs Central Air Units

The condensing units that rest outside of the home and the copper tubing that is installed inside are 2 similarities these 2 units share. A Ductless Split AC or Ductless Mini Split AC unit sends air by using a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted blower unit, rather than through ducts. This type of unit can use several indoor blower units to work independently in separate rooms, all while connected to a single outdoor condenser unit.

Aire Serv Ductless Split AC Systems

Ductless Split AC Systems have three advantages over other systems.

You have the ability to make a multi-zone cooling system when you install multiple indoor blower units. Individual units are able to be set to function independently which allows you to save energy by not cooling rarely-used rooms. This type of unit is great to have when you need 1 room to be colder at a specific time of the day, since the blower system in that room can cool independently from other rooms in your business or home. Keep in mind, blowers can be linked in order to keep all occupied rooms in your home or business at a set temperature. The controls associated with a ductless split unit allows you to have maximum comfort and increased efficiency.

Quiet Comfort
There are no ducts with a ductless split AC unit, which means you will not hear rattling or other noises that a traditional AC unit makes. You will know the system is working by the cool, fresh air coming from the blowers. Since the condenser is not pushing air into the house, it can be placed up to 50 feet away. This helps reduce the sound that you hear from a compressor that is attached to a traditional central air unit.

Since technology has advanced over the years, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings have greatly improved. Ductless split AC units now have much better SEER ratings. A minimum rating of 13 SEER is required by law on new units. Ductless split units have much higher SEER ratings than the law requires, starting with SEER ratings within the mid-20s or higher. When a unit has a larger SEER rating then it requires less energy to give off the same amount of cold air as a unit with a lower SEER rating. You will not have to worry about cold air escaping through poorly sealed ductwork, since ductless split AC units do not have any. The blower or air handler within your home supplies air to the ductless split ac directly, so you will never experience any degradation of temperature or loss of cold air.

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Ductless Split / Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems and Heating

If you are contemplating purchasing a heat pump, a Ductless Split or Mini Split system is a great energy efficient addition to make a total cooling and heating solution for your house. Contact Aire Serv® Oregon City to make an appointment for a free quote from our Home Comfort Designers.