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At Aire Serv® Oregon City, our team is available 24/7 to repair your air conditioner when you need it. We are committed to providing the highest quality air conditioning repair. We charge by the job, not the hour, meaning you never need to worry about an overtime charge. Our service professionals are licensed, insured, and able to work on all equipment brands. We guarantee our work will make you happy the first time, so you can trust that our experienced air conditioning professionals will be able to “Put You in Your Comfort Zone®”!

Aire Serv Air Conditioner Replacement

Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

There are several common things that can go wrong with a home air conditioning system. Here’s a list of the problems we most often encounter:

  • AC unit is vibrating or making unusual noises
  • The AC won’t turn on
  • The unit is making a humming noise, but the fan won’t turn on
  • The AC fan is running, but the compressor won’t work
  • There is a pool of water around the air conditioner
  • Warm air is coming from the supply registers

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Underlying Causes of Air Conditioner Issues

What can be the reason for the issues listed above? These are some of the more common underlying problems of a malfunctioning air conditioner, and how our Aire Serv® technicians can fix them:

The condensate drain has become clogged.
Dirt, insects, algae, and other debris can clog the condensate drain over time, potentially causing future water damage. A technician can flush the system and help prevent future clogs.

The AC unit is not receiving power.
This could be caused by faulty wiring, a tripped breaker, or the AC unit becoming overheated and shutting itself off. A technician can fix the wiring, reset the circuit breaker, and ensure the airflow to the outdoor unit is not being blocked.

The fan belt is worn out.
Any squealing sounds can be a cause for concern, since the noises could indicate the fan belt being worn out. If it snaps before it can be replaced, the repairs can end up being more expensive.

There is a refrigerant leak.
Hissing usually means there is a leak with the refrigerant. This will decrease the unit’s efficiency and is bad for the environment. A trained Aire Serv® technician will recharge the system and replace tubing, preventing the leak from persisting.

The evaporator coil has frozen.
Constant operation at night, a low refrigerant levels, poor circulation, and other issues can cause an evaporator coil to become frozen. This causes warm air to come from the supply registers. Shut off your air conditioner and contact Aire Serv® to repair the unit and help prevent a frozen coil in the future.

The fan motor is defective.
A defective motor fan can prevent proper air circulation in your home. If a replacement is not necessary, a technician may be able to repair it.

The compressor is defective.
The fan runs, but compressor isn’t working and is causing the air to feel warm. The compressor is one of the most expensive parts of an AC unit, so speak with an Aire Serv® technician about whether a replacement or repair would be the most cost effective.