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Pollutants like mold, bacteria, and dust particles could be hiding within the air distribution and duct system, even though the inside of your home may look clean. These pollutants can be making you sick. To help establish an indoor clean air environment, you should begin with clean air ducts. We can inspect, and if necessary, schedule time to clean your duct work. For a breath of fresh air, call Aire Serv® for scheduling.

Aire Serv Duct Cleaning Services

Has your air conditioner slowed down considerably over time? How long did it take to work after a fresh clean? The age of your AC or heater isn’t the only factor that can effective its efficiency. When dust starts clogging up the air filter, it forces your system to work harder, slowing it down. This can result in harmful wear and tear over time, including reduced efficiency.

Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning:

  • Noticeably larger amounts of debris in air filters.
  • Layers of dust form on your vent cover.
  • Dust or debris building up in the AC coil housing.
  • Fuzz begins to coat your return air register.
  • The home system takes a long time to cool or heat a room. 
  • Small amounts of dust near the AC motor.

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