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Furnace and Heater Maintenance

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We Offer a Range of Heating Maintenance Services

When the fall season rolls around here in Oregon, it is time to schedule a tune-up for furnaces and heat pumps to ensure they continue to operate safely and correctly. By scheduling routine maintenance, your heating system maintains efficiency, top-quality performance, and ensures safety.

Aire Serv Furnace Maintenance

Keep your Heating System working properly to keep energy costs low!

Here are some steps you can take every fall to keep your furnace running safely and efficiently all season long:

Check Vents
Make sure your vents are clear of any blockages, which will cause the furnace to run inefficiently.

Make Sure Thermostat is Working Properly
A malfunctioning thermostat will throw off an entire system.

Clean Air Filter Every Two Months
Change the air filter at the start of the season, and continue to change it once or twice a month (depending on your system.)

Check for Gas Leaks
If you notice the smell of gas, or if any connections seem worn or damaged, call a technician for repair before turning on the furnace. 

Schedule A Yearly Tune-Up

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Our Total Comfort Tune-Up Includes

  • An inspection of all your furnace’s components.
  • A professional cleaning.
  • Any needed control adjustments.
  • A complete safety check to ensure safe and reliable operation for the entire season.