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Boiler Services

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Boiler System Repairs and Installation

When the temperature outdoors turns extreme, keeping your home set at a comfortable temperature is vital. If you desire to keep your home cozy and hot, regardless of how cool the winter becomes, a boiler may be the best choice for you. Aire Serv® can assist you with finding the best options for you, if you have a boiler that requires a repair, upgrade, or maintenance.

Our experienced Aire Serv® service professionals can install hydronic chiller boiler systems. Instead of using air, these systems utilize water to provide heating and cooling to a business or home. When properly installed and maintained, a hydronic boiler system is more efficient than a similar forced air cooling and heating unit.

Aire Serv Boiler and Water Heater Services

There Are Three Different Types of Boilers:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Oil

If you live in a house that does not contain duct work, a boiler is an excellent choice. When designing a radiant floor system (a system designed to transfer heat across your home with great precision), boilers are used. This type of system can be created to have many zones, each set to their own individual temperatures. Putting in a system of this type could improve the comfort of your home and reduce your energy bill.

Hydronic boiler systems that have radiant heating and chiller fans are less noisy than common air cooling and heating units. They function without the noises that a furnace makes when switching on and off at night, or the noises an AC fan makes running throughout the day. Since they have no ductwork, allergens and dust will notbe able to blow around your home and minimize the space for mold and mildew to grow. Also, the air in your house circulates in a more natural way, so a well-maintained system can maintain good humidity levels in your house, without drying out the air.

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Annual Maintenance is The Key to Safe Operation

Do you already have a boiler installed in your home or business? Scheduling annual maintenance to ensure your system is functioning effectively and safely is crucial. Boilers lose their efficiency when they hit a certain age. An older boiler that has not been kept up on its maintenance schedule is at risk of becoming dangerous or faulty. Aire Serv® will identify any possible problems with your boiler and perform necessary repairs. If you are in need of a fast repair or interested in having a new boiler installed, give the experts at Aire Serv® a call to put you in your comfort zone.

Our Total Comfort Tune-Up Includes:

  • A professional cleaning.
  • An inspection of all your heater’s components.
  • A complete safety check to ensure safe and reliable operation for the entire season.
  • Any needed control adjustments.